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Mergers Layoffs

Dot-com workers of America, Unite!

Pink Slips

Nukees - Copyright © 1997 Darren Bleuel

Job Prospects for the Class of 2001 - Migrant Engineering Labor

Threat of Deportation

Say No! To H-1B Visas

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Mad Jack

Immigrant Enginners in - Citizens Out

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American Engineering Association

Why Did they Lay you Off?

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American Engineering Association

Shortage of American Engineers

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American Engineering Association

Trent Lott[o]

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What Does Globalism Have to do With Anything?

H-1B Train
H-1Bs Leave for the U.S. Looking for Work

Aliens are Not Pets!

Dot Com Workers: Where They Are Now?

High-Tech Braceros

Hunt For Foreign Professionals

Deportation Hearing

Unemployment Offices - 1 millionth Customer

NAFTA crossed with a GATT = Cheap Labor

Exploring the New Global Economy

Globalization 3050 AD

U.S. Labor Law

Starvation Wages

Worker Pay Rates - China vs. U.S.A.

WTO, NAFTA slave ship

What's Good for the UAW is Good for the Country

The Funny Side of Guest-Worker Visas, Globalism, & Job Angst

Superman Claims He is a Guest-Worker

Harvesters working the Silicon Valley

Multinational Corporate Pledge

U.S. Slave Labor Goods

U.S. Ecomony

Globalization Positioning System (GPS)

Nortel's New Way to Downsize

CEO Outsourced to India - True Justice

Labor Day Celebration - In Mexico

Graduate of India Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) - Incredible Brain Power

Dilbert Project Manager - Graduate of India Institute of Technology (I.I.T.)

Three Stooges From Arizona
Starring Sen. John McCain as Moe
Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) as Curly
Larry, played by Jim Kolbe (R-AZ)
Authors of the Largest Guest-Worker Amnesy Bill in the History of Mankind

Protest gainst Capitalist Communism

NAFTA Debate

Who Wants to be a Billionaire

If Your Illegal Alien Laborer Acts up - Call INS

Dibert and Outsourcing

Cutting Labor Costs

If you Liked NAFTA, You're Gonna Luv CAFTA

George Bush - Job Terminator of 3 Million Jobs

Nike Growing Cotton 150 Years Ago

Globalization Theory

Class of 2002

I.T.anic - Thanks To the Programming Wisdom Center

Programmer then and Now - Thanks To the Programming Wisdom Center

H-1B Target: The American High Tech Worker

Cheap Labor Wanted

I Fired You

Stop Skool Standards

You Are Now Entering Mexico

Will Code HTML For Food

New Cubicles

U.S. Immigration Policy

American's 21st Century Nuclear Defense Shield

Linda Chavez announced her Withdrawal from the Labor Secretary Position, and then her houseworkers were told to leave...

Visa Bill - Ghost of Christmas Past

Illegal Migrant Workers Needed